This herbal remedy is highly effective for eye disorders.  It strengthens the integrity of the eyes, including circulation to the arterial and capillary tissues.  It improves elasticity of nerves and optical light.  It is a tonic, astringent and antiseptic.  This natural formula has been used to improve night vision and failing vision.  It has also been used for conjunctivitis, myopia, weak tired eyes, sore, itchy eyes and all forms of eye strain.  It is a Dr. John R. Christopher formula, so you know it is tried and true.  Made with love, with ionized water and with the highest quality ingredients.

Eye Support Herbal Formula Tincture 2 oz

  • Bilberry fruit, Eyebright leaf, Bayberry bark, Raspberry leaf, Goldenseal root, Cayenne, ionized water, 30% alcohol