Making the Immune Formula-KVA

Use the above link to view exactly how I make the KVA. This formula was inspired by Dr. John R Christopher back in the 80's when his seminar attendees wanted a formula to combat the Bubonic Plague. It has been used for various number of ailments since then. My Husband and I use this formula if we even THINK about getting sick. WE have not been sick with any of these nasty viruses going around. It is a must have for Grandparents, children, Moms, and Dads...Anyone who catches "everything under the sun" or anytime they know that the immune system has been compromised..Traveling out of the country is another excellent time to use this. Each time I have and never been sick during or after the travel experience. If you don't want to make it...then just go to my "shop" page and purchase it already done!

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