What is Bowenwork, Understanding the Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle form of natural healing. In order to appreciate its subtlety and depth, the therapy really needs to be experienced.

Bowenwork is a system of moves along muscle and connective tissue giving the body's innate ability to heal, creating balance and resetting the parasympathic dominance.

After the first session, people often wonder how such gentle moves can have so powerful an effect-not only on their posture and structural problems (e.g. bad back, frozen shoulder, etc.) but also on their general well-being. The level of touch used in a Bowen session is very gentle, and will vary according to the sensitivity of each client. The massage therapist uses her fingers or thumbs to move over muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and joints (and occasionally over nerves themselves), in order to elicit a healing response in the body.

The next blog will cover what Bowenwork does.

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