Iridology-Main Iris Types

In the last blog, we learned what Iridology is. In the next several blogs, I will break it down into smaller segments so you can better understand just how valuable this assessment can be in helping you gain control of your health. In this video, I will explain the main iris types and the associated tendencies.

Main Iris Types:

Lymphatic-Blue eyes

Biliary-Hazel eyes

Hematogenic-Brown eyes

Each color eyes have certain tendencies to them. When you hear the word, "tendency", it means just that. It doesn't mean you are going to automatically have these symptoms, it means people of this certain scenario have these symptoms more than other scenarios. You will hear this word throughout the series, so make sure that you understand this principle.

Let me know if you have any questions. I want to apologize in advance that the video sound is on the low side. At some point in time I will redo this, but for now, I hope you will still be able to glean the important information it contains.

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