Iridology-Subtypes by Color

In this video, I described the Subtypes by color for the Lymphatic and Biliary Iris Constiutions.

I describe what they look like, but not the tendencies for the subtypes, so here they are. The next blog I will discuss more about subtypes by color.

Lymphatic Iris Constitution



Hydrogenoid (Lymphatic Rosary)

Uric Acid Diathesis

Scurf Rim


What it looks like-The iris will blue overall, but the fibers will be lighter. Or in other words– it is blue with whitish fibers.

Tendencies: the body is generally acidic and because of this there are more tendencies to arthritis, allergies, fibromyalgia and the kidneys may require more attention.


What it looks like-The blue iris has the white fibers like the overacid, but for the febrile, the whitish fibers will be even more white than the overacid subtype.

Tendencies: more mucousy conditions leading to respiratory infections, inflammations, fevers (especially as a child), arthritis.

Uric Acid Diathesis

What it looks like– thick white, yellowish or grayish plaques circling the iris around zones 4-6.

Tendencies: Gout or gouty arthritis, kidney stones or inflammation, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, high levels of uric acid.

Scurf Rim

What it looks like-a visual dark circle in Zone 7 of the iris.

Tendencies: Skin disorders like acne, psoriasis and exzema; over-worked kidneys, poor circulation in hands and feet, skin elimination suppressed.

Biliary Iris Constitution

Ferrum Chromatose/Tiger striping


Ferrum Chromatose/Tiger striping

What it looks like-snuff tobacco-like pigments making bands of color similar to tiger stripes.

Tendencies: possible difficulty absorbing fat and/or iron, possible chromium deficiency, liver insufficiency and digestive weakness.

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