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About herbal formulas

Tinctures-What are they?

A tincture is an herb that has been soaked in water and alcohol for a certain period of time.  Normally the herbs are soaked for two weeks, but time can vary with each herb.  We use 30% alcohol for most herbs.  Unique to our tinctures is we use alkaline, anti-oxidant water, instead of using distilled water.  This kind of water pulls out  around 50% more of the medicinal properties making our tinctures more potent and a higher quality of product.  I have used tinctures for over 20 years with great success.  They are more economical and can last many years, if necessary.  I like them much better than capsules because capsules can break down and lose potency after a year.  My husband has been using tinctures for over three years and finds they have worked faster than capsules.


On the next few pages you will see detail information about each of the formulas that my husband and I use.  We go to great lengths to produce the highest quality product available using organic, wildcrafted or kosher herbs and ingredients.



I hope this reaches Aleishes Mom and Dad.

I delivered your pick-up last year and you gave me a complimentary bottle of your elixir. I promised you I would give it a try....which I did....I was not able to take it on a regular basis but rather followed Aleishes suggestion, To take right away when you feel something coming on...Congestion etc...Well....It works...I have been cold free/ flu free....My baby grand children are always passing on the bugs....and I have yet to contact...Thank You !!!!

This email is in two parts....The second part is to thank you both....

I meet many folks and I have to say that none compare to you guys....I could feel the sincerity....the kindness and caring....Simply put... as I explained to your daughter....I wanted to spend more time with good people as yourselves......Something I rarely do and or find.......Thank you !!!

The last time I seen Aleishea it was late in the evening and dark out as I was finishing up  unloading at the dealership...She was walking out to her car and turned to wave at me....Didn't know that was the last time I'd see her....I knew she had a great heart like your own and felt she was too good to be a car sales lady....Way too far above that line of sure she will do well in her endeavors........I very much Miss her smile and presence.....


 I was having problems with my high blood pressure.  I was getting headaches and at times it felt like my blood was boiling.  I was tingly and when I went to do a self check on one of the blood pressure machines at a local store, it registered at almost 180/95.  My wife suggested that I try the Heart tonic.  After 3 days of taking it, I felt better so I decided to have it checked again.  It had dropped over 40 points!  No wonder I was feeling better.  This herb stuff is the greatest!! Mike C.  3/19 



I was diagnosed with prostatitis by my doctor 3 months ago & was in severe pain & a bad UTI infection for 3 hole months...I stumbled upon this liquid tincture (Prostate Support Herbal Formula Tincture) for prostate & ordered this after talking to Ms. Crystal & on the 2nd day after taking this my pain is gone, my UTI suddenly disappeared & I'm riding high & mighty at work in the tractor trailer... Thank you so much Ms Crystal, you have found a true loyal customer... I will reorder again.  Leonard 4/20



Since using the Turmeric and Boswellia, I have been able to get off of Prednisone.  I have tried numerous times before, but was only able to reduce the dosage down to 2-3 mg.  I am now totally off of it.  Hallelujah!! Kathy Murphy 4/20

I used your Boswellia and Turmeric tincture together today and my elbow feels better already! And I could hardly move it this morning...Like it REALLY hurt bad to move it this morning.  Alisha Sublette 7/2/20

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