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About Me.

I have been a Herbalist for over 35 years.  I am passionate about the tinctures I make and I am very particular about the ingredients that go into them.  I enjoy being able to share my passion with others and see the health change when they follow my suggestions!

I have been an Iridologist for over 11 years and can usually help you find out why you are having symptoms.  Then we can find the right herbs, supplements, and dietary changes that are needed to make Positive Life Changes in your life.

I have 23-plus years of experience massaging all body types. From children to student-athletes, expectant mothers, and hard-working dads to grandparents. I listen to your needs and then put together the best course of action to give your body the tools it needs to heal.

Do you have back pain, TMJ, a colicky baby?

Bowenwork is used for many ailments to help those as young as babies to grandparents. It is my go-to form of bodywork in generating a wellness plan for you.


Through massage, I have the magic hands that will gravitate to those tender areas and help tight, achy muscles just melt into soft, pliable, workable muscles again.  My Massages also provide the positive energy the body needs to release stored-up, negative emotions giving your body the chance to truly heal.

Specialties include:  Pregnancy, Bowenwork and Sports Massage.

Licenses and Memberships

Montana State License

Nationally Board  Certified

LMT-LIC 13729

BCBTMB #554375-08

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Insured 

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner & Associate Instructor

IIPA Certified Iridologist

Tara Mongoven

My right shoulder is amazing!  Can almost bring my arm to my ear with no pain or hitches. Left side is still hitchy.  I get a little past 90 degrees an get a hiccup...I am feeling pretty good.  I slept well even with the anxiety (of a friend in the hospital). Also, my ears were really sensitive to louder sounds yesterday.  An my morning tinnitus is non-existing this morning.  Usually wake up with ringing
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