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Every BODY needs Herbs & Bowenwork

Welcome to My Blog!

I will periodically be posting articles that I am equally passionate about: herbs and Bowenwork! There is so much to learn in both fields, and it will be a great place to share about mine and other peoples experiences of using both! Feel free to comment and get in contact with me of any herb you would like to know about, or maybe there is something new that I didn't include in my article.

The world of Herbs and Bowenwork

I love learning about new herbs! This blog is going to highlight recent herbs that I have come across. Some of these recent herbs could be ancient, old-time remedies, that has just come across my radar. For example, everyone has heard of Catnip, you use it to watch cats go crazy, right? Well there is so much more to this amazing herbal remedy. I will have a blog on this soon. Other herbs, like Duck Flower, has amazing benefits, and I just learned about this.

I have been a Bowenwork practitioner for over 6 years now. During that time, I have seen some amazing results through this gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork. There are so many applications that it would be too numerous to write here. I tell

my clients and those that want to know what it can do this statement: “If you have an issue, there is generally a Bowenwork procedure or set of moves for that.” Babies to Seniors and everyone in between can benefit from this effective modality.

Herbal remedies, Iridology or Bowenwork

When we stop learning, we stop living. So, what would you like to learn about today? I invite you to become a member, leave a comment or ask any questions you may have.

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